• March 7, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood: Rabaa Coup False Report Will Never Cover Up the Truth

Muslim Brotherhood: Rabaa Coup False Report Will Never Cover Up the Truth

Martyrs’ blood will not be laid to waste

A new crime is added to the reprehensible track record of the military coup against Egypt and its people. Evidently, there are two issues that haunt mass murderer Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, and which he would like to get rid of in any way. The first is lack of legitimacy. He only seized power through deceit, betrayal and brute force. The second is the blood he spilled in the brutal massacres he masterminded, which heavily stains his hands, and will remain a curse on him until Judgment Day. Therefore, he resorts to all subjugated institutions to exonerate himself, including the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) that issued a most ridiculous report Thursday on the Rabaa sit-in massacre in a blatant attempt to dilute the ugliness of the crime, blaming it on the police rather than the army, and thus exonerating the traitorous assassin Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi.

The report is full of fallacies, factual errors and flagrant lies. Hence, the Muslim Brotherhood has this to say:

– The vast majority of NCHR members are opponents of the Islamists and democratic legitimacy. They are zealous supporters of the military coup, and instigators of violence against peaceful protestors in the Rabaa sit-in camp and other protest sites. They were appointed in the NCHR, in fact, by general Al-Sisi himself.

– Earlier, before the violent breakup of the Rabaa sit-in, they accused peaceful protesters of possessing weapons. Nabil Fahmi, the coup’s Foreign Minister, said at the time: "Those protesters have heavy weapons. Amnesty International has confirmed this fact". Immediately after that, Amnesty International issued a statement in which it denied his claim.

 Moreover, government-controlled daily Akhbar newspaper said: "Those protesters have weapons of mass destruction". Meanwhile, the team managing the protest sit-in invited all local and international organizations and bodies to go and search wherever they wished throughout the sit-in camp, to prove this claim was nothing but a treacherous, most heinous lie.

– The coup Interior Ministry took a decision to break up the protest by force, whatever the casualties. They announced this publicly.

– The report claims that the protesters started ‘clashes’ by firing at the police forces. That was the coup Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim’s account after the massacre.

– The report describes the incident as armed clashes between the protesters and the police, when in fact it was a one-sided war of extermination where the army and police killed thousands of unarmed, civilian peaceful protestors.

– The report does not mention any presence of the army in the massacre, placing all responsibility on the police alone, while the biggest role in the massacre was played by army snipers, members of the army, and military armored vehicles.

– The report makes no mention of the many cold-blooded snipers who boarded buildings around the square and murdered large numbers of men, women and children.

– In an attempt to ease the horror of the massacre, the report claims that the death toll was 624 protesters and eight policemen. This figure is but a fraction of the real death toll amongst protesters. But even if we assume it is accurate, the huge difference in numbers of dead proves that there was no clash or battle between the civilians and the police – as claimed. In any event, the correct number of protesters murdered in the Rabaa breakup was around three thousand, in addition to about fifteen thousand wounded civilian protesters.

– The report omits that coup security forces went around finishing off the wounded, killing hundreds of them in Rabaa Medical Center and in the field hospital as well as in Rabaa Mosque. It also omits that those death squads threatened with death anyone (mostly doctors and nurses) who showed any objection to their cold-blooded barbaric acts of premeditated murder.

– The report does not mention that the bodies of dead protesters were disgracefully pushed, scooped and savaged by bulldozers.

– The report does not mention that some protesters were burnt alive, that many bodies were also deliberately burned, that hospitals in Rabaa were set on fire, and that the Rabaa Mosque was torched – packed full of corpses of dead protesters.

– The report relies exclusively on ‘evidence’ provided by ONTV satellite channel, whose owner (Naguib Sawiris) and all employees and operatives are well-known to stand stridently against the peaceful protesters and the Revolution. By contrast, the report does not use any of the damning documentaries that recorded the bloodbath, moment by moment, in other TV channels.

– The report leaves out massacre witness testimonies documented by several TV channels, many of whom offered to come forward to give statements. Clearly, the report only heard accounts of those who zealously supported the massacre.

– The NCHR showed a carefully edited movie to support their claims, deliberately avoiding documentaries aired by some unbiased TV channels and video clips circulating in social networking websites.

In conclusion, we say that this report is a new certificate of death of the NCHR. It reminds of a massacre never forgotten by most Egyptians – those who witnessed the blood bath personally and those who saw it on television. Furthermore, this report will deepen the wounds and increase the hatred against the murderers and their treasonous masterminds.

A thousand lying report like NCHR’s will not be able to wipe out the brutal bloodletting from the hearts or minds of Egyptians. Indeed, this report is another crime that will fuel a new powerful wave of revolutionary non-violent protest action that will haunt all thugs and murderers, especially Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, until retribution is served.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: March 6, 2014