• March 9, 2016

Muslim Brotherhood: Serious Peaceful Action Will Save Egypt’s Women from Coup Regime Oppression

Muslim Brotherhood: Serious Peaceful Action Will Save Egypt’s Women from Coup Regime Oppression

 Criminal Coup authorities were not to miss the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day in their own way. Since the July 2013 coup against legitimacy, women became one of the putschists’ favorite victims. They killed nearly 100 women and girls, expelled 526 female students from Egypt’s universities. Under military junta rule, 304 Egyptian women and girls suffered general assaults, harassments and violations, while 24 of them were unjustly tried before military courts, and 24 more were raped or assaulted in coup prisons.

Evidently, this tragic toll was not enough for the illegitimate coup authorities. Their oppression of women meant mothers, wives and sisters of detainees or political prisoners have to suffer every day in junta prisons, waiting for extremely long hours for a lightning-fast visit to loved ones, behind glass barriers.

Egyptian women in rural and urban areas suffer even more due to the colossal failures of the illegitimate coup regime in all areas – from absurdly low wages to madly rising prices, declining services to collapsing health care system.

Coup lovers were fast to take the initiative trying to save the failed coup regime, even if it meant robbing Egyptian women’s savings and emptying their pockets. Today, coup commanders speak about grabbing women’s gold and jewelry to help the country’s central bank top up monetary reserves.

Injustice has crossed all limits. Egyptian women’s suffering under this coup has reached unprecedented levels.

Serious endeavors for the ouster of this ruinous coup is now the only way to open the door of hope for Egyptians – men, women and children, in a future where we may live with dignity and where people feel safe and secure.

Eman Mahmoud

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokeswoman

Tuesday – March 8, 2016