Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Memoir best-seller after airing of TV Series

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Memoir best-seller after airing of TV Series

The airing of Egypt ‘s controversial TV series “The group” depicting the life of Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, Hassan El-Banna, has triggered a surge in sales of the book, ‘The Group’s’.

The show illustrates how El-Banna created Egypt’s largest and most influential Islamist group during the 1920s. Secretary-General of the Egyptian Publishers Federation, Assem Shalaby, asserted that the book, ‘The Group’, sold ten-times more copies post the airing of the series.

He maintained that prior to this TV event, this book was selling an average of 10,000 copies every six months, now, it’s selling at a ten-fold this rate.  

 A main driver for why so many have consciously sought out this best seller, is that, prior to this publically aired TV series, it was forbidden to elaborate about or discuss the MB in any social, academic, or professional manner.  

 Political analyst, Ammar Ali Hassan, emphasized, that the unexpected has happened as a result of this TV series, overwhelmingly, viewers have sympathized, related, and understood the cause of the MB.

This is the very opposite of what the initial intentions were when created; which was to perceive the MB as extreme religious fanatics, without realistic goals or ideals.