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  • January 29, 2012
  • 2 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Academics Win Majority in Teachers’ Club Elections

Muslim Brotherhood Academics Win Majority in Teachers’ Club Elections

The supervising committee overseeing the elections for the Teacher’s Club in Cairo’s University announced the ‘Academics for Reform’ list, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), as securing majority of seats on the club’s board. 

The committee stated that the board included 15 members of the MB list and 4 members from other factions. Dr. Bahgat Al-Anadoly Science professor received 766 votes, Dr. Eman Al-Mahalawy Engineering Professor received 728 votes, Dr. Showky Ibrahim Al-Haddad Professor of Medicine received 713 votes, Dr. Mohamed Sameh Hilal from the Engineering faculty received 752 votes, Science professor Dr. Magdy Yusuf received 722 votes and Dr. Mohamed Nageeb received 721 votes.

The board is also made up of 4 assistant professors including Dr. Khaled Suleiman Assistant Professor at the Science Faculty who secured 848 votes while Dr. Inas Hussein Mubarak a from the Dentistry Faculty received 898 votes. Dr. Hala Al-Sayed Zaazaa from the Faculty of Pharmacy won 845 votes and Dr. Mustafa Abdul Maboud from the Faculty of Arts won 788 votes.

Teachers who also won seats in the Teachers Club included: Dr. Qassem Gabr Al-Eraqy from the Veterinarian Faculty with 736 votes, Dr. Ashraf Abdul Rahman from the Faculty of commerce with 731 votes, Ahmed Abdul Basset from the Faculty of Science with 786 votes and Hashem Abdul Latif with 678 votes.

Approximately 1000 from a total of 10,000 members from the teaching body took part in the elections which were held at the club’s  headquarters between the Academic for Reform list and the Independence Current