Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Denounces Aleppo Holocaust; Urges Unity

Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Denounces Aleppo Holocaust; Urges Unity
Aleppo, and Syria in general, is the most afflicted of all Arab lands. Only Gaza, and Palestine in general, is suffering almost as much at the moment. The carnage in Aleppo is the result of an ongoing global conflict, characterized this time by extreme brutality, arrogance and hypocrisy at once.

It is a conflict between the dominant colonial powers and the peoples seeking dignity by ousting corrupt regimes and despots who have stayed in power for long decades only with the staunch support of the forces of old colonialism (old Europe), and the forces of new colonialism (the United States, and Russia).

International Zionism remains the most insidious of the world’s colonialist powers, because it practices the worst kind of extremist religious and ethnic settler colonialism, supported and empowered by neo-colonialists’ hypocrisy and malice, corrupt rulers’ and despots’ acquiescence, and the unwariness of broad sectors of the peoples, or ethnic, sectarian strife.

The Syrian revolution is powerful and resilient, as the revolutionary forces close ranks, chanting: "We will not kneel except to God". The rebels broke the siege imposed on Aleppo, but all the parties of the international conflict attacked it together, after it became a symbol of the Syrian revolution – indeed, the Arab Spring revolutions.

This is one of many rounds of the Arab Spring revolutions, which may produce a whole lot of goodness and blessings, God willing, so long as the rebels remained steadfast.

The Aleppo holocaust has affirmed the slogan of the Syrian revolution – even the whole Arab Spring: No-one but God supports us. Chanting the same slogan with Syrian rebels are their fellow revolutionaries of Egypt, Yemen, Libya and other countries. Each of them says to his brothers and sisters: Have patience… your reward is Paradise.

One of these blessings is that Syrian rebel fighters kept their struggle pure and independent, closed ranks, and cleared off all suspicion of collaboration or sympathy with what is known as Al-Qaeda.

Of these blessings, too, is that the Muslim nation now realizes that, in Syria, supposed "terrorists" are not the ones burning Aleppo and its women, children and old people, but are in fact victims of the terror dished out by the despot Assad with his army and militias, the colonialist Russians with their heavy weapons and warplanes, the Iranian army, Hezbollah, and the Revolutionary Guards ant their sectarian thugs, in co-ordination with and plotting by the Zionist-West alliance, covered and camouflaged by sham condemnation in the United Nations, and blame-exchanges or altercations in the Security Council.

Learning these facts, the Muslim nation will perhaps regain consciousness and return to high and noble values.

Perhaps the revolutionaries, especially, and the nation in general, will learn these facts and realize that they must deal with the other with wisdom, resist the occupiers, and not get drawn into traps and snares set by Zionist enemies, the neo-crusaders or sectarians who seek to tear the Muslim nation apart.

We pray to God to bless all these – as well as those who are attempting to break the siege on Gaza – and make them like early Muslims who defeated Quraysh and broke the Abi-Talib siege.

The Aleppo holocaust rages at such a special time for Muslims around the world: the beginning of the new Hijri year (1438), and the start of the month of Muharram, on the 10th Moses and his people survived against great odds. We have to be like Moses when he prepared himself and his people in the best way possible, and then he sought God’s help. God then ordered them stay steadfast on the path of the Truth and prepare themselves and their households for the decisive round, promising them victory.

To the revolutionaries of Syria, and to all the revolutionaries of the Muslim nation at alrge:

Stay steadfast, defend your positions, make your homes places of worship, pray to God, close ranks and be united.

The whole nation is rallying around you. God will throw fear into the hearts of your enemies and destroy them with their own plots and treachery. God’s will shall triumph.

Dr Mahmoud Ezzat

Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman

Sunday – October 2, 2016