Muslim Brotherhood Announces It Will Run for Upcoming Municipal Elections

Muslim Brotherhood Announces It Will Run for Upcoming Municipal Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood announced today it will participate in the upcoming municipal elections on April 8th, confirming that the principle of the Muslim Brotherhood is based on fielding candidates in different elections including Parliamentary, Shura council, and even students’ elections.


The decision of fielding candidates in the coming elections was announced today in a statement by Dr. Mohamed Habib, deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, in a press conference held in the MB main Bureau in Cairo.


The statement confirmed that fielding candidates in different elections is a constitutional right for all citizens; accordingly, the Muslim Brotherhood members will participate exercising their constitutional right.


Adding that the decision to field MB candidates in different elections is not the MB’s biggest target. The Muslim Brotherhood’s participation is to co-operate with other devoted Egyptians to serve the country.


Habib said that the Egyptian people are increasingly getting furious of the great amount of unprecedented corruption all around Egypt, adding that the role of these candidates is to put an end to tyranny, corruption, terrorism, and ending the Egyptian people’s suffering because of low salaries, high prices, and deteriorating conditions in health and education sectors.


It’s noteworthy that the approaching municipal elections are taking place under wide-scale sweeps of daily arrests across Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, including top MB leaders, to prevent them from fielding candidates in the municipal elections.


However, today’s statement condemned the government’s acts under the emergency law, declaring that such arrest campaigns prove that the government do not have any real intention for reform, ignoring all legal and constitutional rights which give the Egyptians citizen the right to freely elect their representatives.


It is noteworthy that the municipal elections have been adjourned on 2006 after the outstanding success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Parliamentary elections of 2005.


During the press conference, the MB invited all Egyptians to participate in the elections to reveal the amount of rigging expected, adding that qualified people should run as candidates as well.