• January 24, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Appreciates Ultras Good Intentions

Muslim Brotherhood Appreciates Ultras Good Intentions

Dr. Ahmed Arif, Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, denounced Ahli Ultras (young football fans) who blockaded 6th of October Bridge in Cairo, disrupted road and subway traffic, pointing that some parties are trying to politicize and exploit this scene for selfish opportunist purposes.

In a statement Wednesday, Arif said: “The Ultras scene today is primarily a social one. It is simply an angry force seeking justice, retribution for the blood of brothers and colleagues, and immediate decisions for this retribution. Use of violence against them will only make things worse. We appreciate the young Ultras’ good intentions.

“Ultras need containment rather than confrontation; because they are a victim of the whole society. Urgently, their energy must be converted to a real investment in the interest of the nation.”

The Brotherhood media spokesman highlighted the need for the entire society to invest in these young people, from the family to the government and the entire public, urging Egyptian media and political forces not to ignite Ultras’ anger or dramatize things.

“Wisdom must be exercised in dealing with these young people in order to help guide them from the path of violence to good judgment, and to put their energy in the service of the nation, as a youthful force and a great resource that should not be wasted.”