Muslim Brotherhood Attends First Christmas Celebrations Following Toppling of Mubarak

Muslim Brotherhood Attends First Christmas Celebrations Following Toppling of Mubarak

This year’s Christmas celebrations, the first following the ousting of Mubarak and his regime, took on a new note with the meeting between Muslim Brotherhood (MB), leaders and Church representatives and leaders in Alexandria. During the former regime’s extreme measures were made to hinder any meeting between the two factions.
A high profile delegation from the MB arrived at the Cathedral’s headquarters headed by Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat MB Deputy Chairman on behalf of the MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie, whose daughter’s wedding was on the same day.

The delegation included Dr. Mahmoud Hussein MB Secretary General, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bar, and Dr. Mahmoud Abu Zeid from the Executive Bureau along with Mohamed Abdul Quddus from the Journalist’s Executive Freedom Committee. Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Dr. Mohamed Morsi, and Dr. Saad Katatni the party’s Secretary General were also among the delegation.

After congratulating Pope Shenouda III, Ezzat stressed: "Throughout history Egyptians have participated in the building of the nation disregarding religious differences between Muslims and Christians. Unfortunately the ousted regime had worked hard inciting sedition between both factions preventing positive interaction, forbearance and the spirit of acceptance between them. Islam ordains that there be mercy and respect between all divine religions present in the country".

He stressed: "Following the revolution, the people’s genuine kindness was able to surface along with that of the MB; we extend our warmest wishes to our Copt brethrens on the birthday of the Prophet Jesus (PBUH)".

Related, a delegation from the MB and the FJP visited the Margergus Church in North Cairo in Sharabeya conveying warm wishes to the Copts there. 

Father Antonius the church’s pastor and Copt politician Saad Sawiris leader in the Tagammu Party along with Mufid Helmy from the Church’s youths and a member of the popular committee in Sharabeya received the delegation along with other church representatives.