Muslim Brotherhood calls for immediate release of Al-Aqsa Detainees

Muslim Brotherhood calls for immediate release of Al-Aqsa Detainees


 Egyptian security forces arrested dozens of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in predawn detentions which took place in at least five northern governorates. 

The arrests were a result of their participation in protests against the recent Israeli-Palestinian clashes at the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem and its intentions to demolish it. The MB organized peaceful rallies condemning the Israeli entities actions and their announcements of building new settlements and the measures practiced to Judaize Jerusalem.


Despite the arbitrary arrests and continued violation of human rights on the Muslim Brotherhood Movement the group asserts that they will continue their efforts in order to defend the Aqsa Mosque and to support the Palestinian armed resistance since it is  a religious duty to liberate Palestinian , Arab and Muslim land and to expel the Israeli occupation.


The group maintains that the ruling authorities must have an active role and assume its responsibilities towards the Palestinian cause. The aggression and oppression against the innocent people of Egypt must stop, and the regime must allow each individual to express their opinions and feel free to support the oppressed Palestinians. The MB members call for the immediate release of all who have been held in custody without legal justification simply for defending the Aqsa Mosque and expressing their anger on the ongoing Judaization of Jerusalem. 


The MB argues that Egypt should play a leading role today since it boasts a prideful history in ending the barbaric and brutal action of Israel’s occupation. The ruling regime must reconsider the 1978 Camp David accord and by all means stop normalizing with the Israeli entity


The Muslim Brotherhood beseeches all Arab and Muslims to continue in their support for the Palestinian people and to pressure their respective governments to take a real stand against the desecration of the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque by the IOF and the shameless aggression against the Palestinians.