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  • February 10, 2006
  • 1 minute read

Muslim Brotherhood calls for the American Reporter Release

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, Mr. Muhammad Akef, called on kidnappers of the American reporter,  Jill Carrol, to set her free in order to pass lurkers the opportunity of trashing the image of Iraqi resistance boiling it down to mere terrorist acts to justify the U.S.-led aggression.
In his news releases to Ikhwan online, Akef asserted the need for maintaining resistance techniques as noble as its ends. It is significant to unify efforts of Iraqi factions to liberate Iraq from the wanton occupation that leaves countless deaths, trespasses prohibited lines, and dislodges thousands of innocents.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s leader exhorted Iraqi groups to preserve Iraqi civilians, paying mush attention to reporters and media men who divulge crimes of occupiers.