Muslim Brotherhood Calls on SCAF to Set Date for Presidential Elections

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on SCAF to Set Date for Presidential Elections

In response to a statement released by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), yesterday, on the first anniversary of the ousting of Mubarak’s regime, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) announced, today, that while SCAF announced that registering for presidential candidacy would start on March 10, it failed to set a date for the actual elections. Since that is one of the main demands made by the masses, at present, the MB called upon SCAF to respond positively, in order to help ease up the current state of tension and anger.

Further, the MB criticized SCAF for failing to apprehend those responsible for the repeated, often bloody, attempts at undermining the revolution and destroying the state’s institutions.

SCAF’s statement spoke of a conspiracy to derail the Revolution, destabilize the country and destroy its institutions in order to perpetuate the state of chaos and lawlessness. Such talk may be acceptable from the man in the street. However, it is not acceptable from SCAF, with its executive power and resources. Patriotic citizens have been calling for transparency and that those responsible for the violent incidents of Maspero, Mohamed Mahmoud Street and the Cabinet building must be held accountable and brought to trial without delay. Had saboteurs and instigators of violent clashes been tried and punished quickly, further chaos and lawlessness – which claimed hundreds of lives – could have been prevented.

The MB underscored the support the Egyptian military enjoys among the people, and downplayed attempts to cause sedition and strife between the people and the military.

The MB stressed that attempts to cause confrontation between the people and the military will not succeed, since the Egyptian people are supportive of their military and appreciate its efforts and sacrifices. The Brotherhood also stressed that any differences between Egypt’s political forces and stakeholders on the one side and SCAF on the other, will by no means escalate into clashes between the people their military.