Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Key Principles in the Palestinian Cause

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman: Key Principles in the Palestinian Cause

In his weekly message, Mohamed Mahdi Akef (chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood) emphasized the basic facts which determine MB stance towards the Palestinian cause.

He stressed that the Palestinian issue went through bloody and horrific stages during which Palestine and Palestinians suffered from many plots. Since the Zionist immigration to the sacred land, Imam Hasan al-Banna declared the Muslim Brotherhood”s support to Jihad against the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). Al-Banna continued his jihad till his martyrdom for the sake of is cause.

Akef stated that there are key principles for the liberation of Palestine:

First: Palestine is a sacred land, Al-Aqssa Mosque is the first Kiblah and third Holy mosque according to Muslims, Resurrection Church is also sacred according to our Christian brothers, and therefore, the whole nation has to struggle for liberating the land and sanctities.

Second: Palestinians have the right to self-determination regarding choosing their leaders and the way their country should be ruled.

Third: Resistance is a legitimate right; prescribed by all religions as well as international laws and conventions; hence we back resistance against the occupiers.

Fourth: Both Muslims and non-Muslims have the right to live in Palestine as equal civilians with no discrimination.

Fifth: Disputes among Palestinian factions are a temporary phenomenon orchestrated by Israel and the weak Arab and Islamic regimes.

Sixth: It”s an incumbent duty that all Arabs and Muslims struggle for ending the siege and atrocities; especially in Gaza.

Seventh: Palestine is a member at the Arab League and Islamic Congress Organization; and therefore both entities should take serious steps towards supporting and giving a hand to the Palestinians against the IOF.

Eighth: Denial of any alternate solutions other than that of independent Palestine, especially at the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians and the entire nation should not accept any calls for demolishing one of them or both, or attaching them to a neighboring country.