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  • July 20, 2012
  • 4 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Condemns Military Council Performance

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Condemns Military Council Performance

Dr. Mohamed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, assured that just as the Egyptian people made the January 25 revolution which impressed the whole world, they are certainly capable of effecting a complete and comprehensive rejuvenation and real renaissance better than that Turkey is witnessing now.

Dr. Badie further assured that the creative Egyptian people have the capacity, skills and awareness necessary to achieve the desired revitalization and renaissance for their homeland.

During a meeting with members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Damietta, the Brotherhood leader said: "Mohamed Morsi is the President of all Egyptians. He does not belong to any single political current".

He added that the Brotherhood seeks to serve the people of Egypt, seeking only Reward from God, "It does not have any special ties with state institutions, whether the presidency or the government".

Dr. Badie expressed optimism that a national consensus government will be formed shortly, to be an example of the spirit of consensus and unity among various factions and denominations, to steer the homeland to safety, and to achieve a comprehensive renaissance.

He stressed the importance of unity among the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians, affirming that they all are partners in the one homeland: "When Bishop Pachomius, acting Pope of the Egyptian church, visited me, I mentioned that we want that national patriotic spirit to move to the street, so there would be no discrimination or difference between a Muslim and a Christian.

"Everyone is working for the renaissance of this nation, this homeland, and its rejuvenation, protecting its land and its institutions, participating in efforts like the street cleaning initiatives, and helping executive authorities in solving citizens’ problems."

In response to a question about the relationship between the Brotherhood and the Military Council (SCAF), Badie confirmed that the organization’s discourse remains as repeatedly declared: " We will praise and encourage its good endeavors; point its mistakes when it errs, and effectively stop any wrong-doing; and if it slows down the march towards democracy, we will warn, advise and push it forward."

Dr. Badie condemned SCAF’s performance in the recent period as well as its repeated attempts to introduce into Egypt’s national charter so-called supra-constitutional articles or a right to veto on articles of the new Constitution.

"The Egyptian people have regained their freedom after long suffering. They will not return to dark times of repression again."