Muslim Brotherhood Commemorates 48th Anniversary of Bahr el Baqar Massacre

Muslim Brotherhood Commemorates 48th Anniversary of Bahr el Baqar Massacre

On April 8th, 1970, the Zionist entity launched air strikes, using the US-made Phantom war planes, on Bahr el Baqar elementary school in Sharqiyya province, killing more than 30 children, and injuring 50 others, causing the total destruction of the school buildings. 

48 years after this horrific massacre, the Zionist entity still continues its aggression, raids and bombardments, as happened recently in the commemoration of the Palestine Land Day. The Zionist hand was and continues to be stained with the blood of innocent people. The United States is doing the same with the children of Afghanistan amid disappointing Arab and Muslim silence.

The Muslim Brotherhood confirms that no matter how long this occupying usurper entity will lasts, it will never turn into a friend or peaceful entity. The attempts of the coup authorities in Egypt to bury memories of all these massacres as if they never happened will fail. The blood of martyrs and innocent wounded will remain a source of guidance that enlightens the way for all Egyptians and Arabs to realize the truth about their enemy and the massacres it committed over the ages.

It is enough betrayal of our homeland and those who sacrificed their lives for Egypt, that the Zionist murderer entity becomes a close friend of the military coup’s gang, as well as to protect it from any potential threat, according to the confession of the traitor Abd Al Fattah El Sisi, who makes one concession after another to the Zionists. He is displacing the people of Sinai and bulldozing their homes in order to present parts of the Sinai territory to the Zionists so as to displace Palestinians from their homeland and resettle them in Sinai against their will as demanded by the so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ which is categorically rejected by the Palestinians who refuse to leave their land.

Emphasizing the inviolability of innocent blood, the Muslim Brotherhood affirms its adherence to fair trials for all those who unjustly shed blood, either by the enemies of the Ummah or by their agents, such as the gang of the coup in Egypt, sooner or later. Crimes against the right of life have no statute of limitation. Someday, murderers of martyrs will be brought to justice, hopefully soon.

Eman Mahmoud

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday, 24 Rajab 1439 AH

April 10, 2018