Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Democracy; Calls for Unconditional National Dialogue

Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Democracy; Calls for Unconditional National Dialogue

The Muslim Brotherhood’s consultative Shura Assembly convened a regular session Saturday in which it discussed preparations for the holy month of Ramadan and considered various Brotherhood affairs, the general scene in Egypt, and events organized by certain political parties and groups.

A statement issued at the end of the meeting affirmed that events are being organized for the general public in many districts and provinces to help all improve spiritually, draw closer to God in the holy month of Ramadan, and to do good in order to achieve social solidarity among citizens.

With regard to public affairs, the Shura statement stressed the importance of adherence to legality as per the Constitution and the law, respecting the will of the people, commitment to the principles of democracy as a peaceful mechanism to resolve differences, and accepting elections as the indicator of popular will, considering that the people are sovereign and have the final say. The Brotherhood also expressed confidence in the ability of the Egyptian people to protect their free will, their Revolution and their choices.

The Brotherhood’s Shura Council urged all parties, groups and stakeholders to respond to calls for dialogue without preconditions in order to contribute effectively to endeavors to face up to desperate and persistent plots for sabotage and anarchy by the counter-revolution, which seek to perpetuate the intolerable conditions caused by the corrupt regime that left behind a dark legacy, with an almost collapsing economy and prevalent corruption that cannot be repaired by one faction or party, nor in one year.

The statement further called on all parties, movements and stakeholders involved in demonstrations to announce clearly commitment to peaceful discourse, to guarantee their activities will be free from any acts of violence or vandalism, and to pledge to stop any demonstration disrupted by acts of violence or sabotage. It also urged them to enact the Azhar Accord (for non-violence) which was signed by all parties, groups and movements representing the whole Egyptian people unanimously in an unprecedented event in the history of this country.

Moreover, the Shura statement underscored the role of security institutions in the protection of all citizens, demonstrators and non-demonstrators, from any aggression, and the protection of all public and private property, facilities and roads, calling on the media to commit to impartiality and the code of honor and to avoid spreading rumors and untruths.

In conclusion, the Shura Assembly stressed the Muslim Brotherhood’s continued commitment to the centrist approach derived from the Holy Quran and Sunnah (Traditions) of His Prophet (peace be on him), in collaboration with all leadersa dn stakeholders, to achieve the homeland’s higher interest.