Muslim Brotherhood condemn the fierce security attack against top Brotherhood members

Muslim Brotherhood condemn the fierce security attack against top Brotherhood members

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the fierce security attacks and unjust arrests. 



The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the ruthless and unjust arrests of highly ranked members of the movement which took place at dawn Monday. Security forces arrested highly ranked members of the movement and the executive bureau at their houses during their notorious raids. The detained men are highly distinguished, respectable and popular members of the brotherhood and the community.


The unjustified arrests came at a time when the Egyptians suffer from crude and unjust practices of the ruling regime which is unable to meet the needs and demands of the Egyptian citizen. The widespread corruption is rampant throughout the country, with underdevelopment and the inefficiency of alleviating the suffering of all sectors and the solving of problems in all the walks of life is clearly relevant.


The Egyptian community was shocked when the Egyptian authorities swooped on the opposition Muslim Brotherhood arresting its top leaders, including Brotherhood deputy Chairman Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, senior member Dr. Essam el-Erian and a member of the MB Guidance Bureau Dr. Abdul Rahman Al- Barr.


Security forces raided the house of Dr. Mohi Hamid, a member of the MB Guidance Office and arrested a number of other leading Brotherhood figures from other governorates who are known commonly for their competence in different fields simply for calling for peaceful political reform, and encouraging freedom of opinion and expression.


The arrests of these men who represent all that democracy calls for does not serve any trend except that of the ruling regime. The Movement is renowned as a safety valve in which the public can rely on hence the unjust detentions will only harvest anger and animosity from the public who depend on the movement to salvage it from its present instability.



The Muslim Brotherhood movement wholeheartedly underscores their adamant stance of continuing their missionary course despite the injustices practiced by the security forces. The movement also, maintains such arrests will not deter them from the path they have chosen for attaining the country’s welfare, its progress in order to raise it to a higher standard. Prisoners of conscience will continue struggling to maintain the peaceful reformist methods despite the constraints and restrictions placed to liberties and the fight against corruption and tyranny.


 The Brotherhood members believe that the latest wave of arrests took place because of the Brotherhood’s constant support to the resistance of the besieged people of Gaza and to undermine participation by the group ahead of the legislative elections later this year. Egypt is due to elect its Shura Council, in April while parliamentary elections are expected to take place later this year.

The Muslim Brotherhood calls for the immediate release of those recently arrested and of those who preceded serving unjust sentences in prisons by unfair military trials or those who are unjustly detained for embracing peaceful reformist methods.



The Muslim Brotherhood beseeches all the international and political powers and non-governmental organizations of civil society and human rights to do their assigned role to stop the predominance of Egypt‘s ruling regime in using the state security and media potentialities for accomplishing internal interests and animosity of its political opponents. These procedures serve the nation’s enemies and support the US-Israeli schemes to provoke new crises and create circumstances aimed at containing Egypt‘s leading Arab and regional role in the region.


 In this context, we call on all biased writers who have accused the group of carrying out deals with the regime, questioning how far we still are from reaching our agreement if this is the situation


 The aggressive practices of the ruling regime will do harm to Egypt‘s national security both internally and externally and tarnish Egypt‘s reputation abroad. In fact, these practices will add to the Muslim Brotherhood’s strength and constant patience doing their assigned role with a moderate and peaceful approach in their struggle for attaining constitutional amendments whatever sacrifices they may offer according to Allah the Almighty in the Quran as he said “And soon will the unjust know what vicissitudes their affairs will take! (Ash-Shu’ara:227), “And Allah hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not.) (Yusuf: 21)  Allah is the greatest. Praise be to Allah.