Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Algeria Explosions

Muslim Brotherhood  Condemns Algeria Explosions

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) condemned the explosions that hit the Algerian capital Algiers on Tuesday morning Dec, 11th, 2007, killing more than 50 persons and injuring more than 50 according to Algerian official figures.
Dr.Mohammd Morsy expressed his condemnation in a statement issued after the attacks.
Morsy confirmed that Islam totally rejects such actions. He also described these actions as totally divorced from the right understanding of the Islam.
Morsy  pointed- in the statement that confirmed the Muslim Brotherhood”s repulsion of all acts of violence- that these explosions don”t serve Arab and Muslim causes, but they are actually hurting them.
Morsy  offered his sincere condolences to all Algerian people. He said also that the Muslim Brotherhood group is ready to offer any aid demanded by the Algerian government.
In a related context, the French presidency condemned today”s attacks and described them as ” coward and barbarian actions”.
French Presient Sarkozy expressed to president Bouteflika in a phone call the French solidarity with the Algerian people.
Also, Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodrيguez Zapatero sent a message to president Bouteflika in which he condemned both explosions, and expressed his condolences for the death toll.
Both explosions took place on Tuseday morning. The first hit downtown near the Supreme Constitutional Court, after a while the second explosion hit near premises of the UN High Commission for Refugee Affairs in the residential district of Hidara.
A staffer in the UN High Commission said that a part of the building was demolished and some persons are reportedly trapped under debris.
A spokesman for the UN High Commission said that a number of workers in the headquarters died in the attack, without giving any further details.
Algerian Minister of the Interior Yazid Zerhouni declared that the two explosions were caused by two car bombs driven by two attackers one of them was a suicide bomber.
No one has claimed responsibility for both explosions so far.