Muslim Brotherhood Condemns All Forms of Violence

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns All Forms of Violence

Gehad El-Haddad, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, reaffirmed the group’s condemnation of violence in all its forms, noting that it would never give political cover or justification for violence, whatever its source, and that provocation is not an excuse for use of violence.

"No-one is above the law. Any scenes of violence must be seriously investigated by competent authorities with complete transparency, taking into account circumstances and events surrounding such incidents.

"If any member of the Brotherhood is evidently shown to be involved in violence or aggression, in violation of the law, they will be the subject of an internal investigation in parallel with the prosecution’s investigations. Violence contradicts the moral code of Egyptian society at large, and must be condemned regardless of its source, even as a ‘reaction’. Wisdom and restraint will always be the most effective."

The Brotherhood media spokesman added, "We are in the forefront of defending the good values of society, and we reject any actions or behaviors that undermine these values.Unfortunately some have adopted the approach of blame and accusations, hoping to achieve quick political gains, even if it’s at the expense of Egypt’s higher interests.

"We continue to extend our hands to all, to take Egypt out of its current situation. This can only be accomplished through serious dialogue, sincere intentions and working together."