Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Arrest of Guidance Bureau Members; Vows Revolution Till Victory

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Arrest of Guidance Bureau Members; Vows Revolution Till Victory

The path of free men and women who seek freedom for their homelands is one of sacrifice, incarceration  and hardship. That is the price of freedom. Yesterday, the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood gave the greatest example of sacrifice when four members of the group’s Guidance Bureau were arrested by military junta forces: Dr Mahmoud Ghozlan, Dr. Mohamed Wahdan, Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Barr and Abdel-Azim Sharqawy, along with a number of the group’s executive leaders who have sacrificed their freedoms by continuing to support revolutionary action for the liberation of their homeland from the clutches of corruption, tyranny and despotism. 

The Muslim Brotherhood declares very clearly that no matter how long the vicious campaign of arbitrary arrests of its leaders and members or the vindictive, politicized and unjust sentences against them, it will not be intimidated into abandoning the path of the Revolution and resistance against injustice and the brutal bloody military coup regime.

The Muslim Brotherhood will always be this homeland’s safety valve. No-one will be able to stop its non-violent revolutionary struggle and action, or break its ranks. Indeed, it will always stand united and strong in the face of injustice and the oppressors – in the face of all those who attempt to take away the Egyptian people’s God-given freedom and dignity. The Muslim Brotherhood is ready and willing to sacrifice and give dearly for this homeland’s freedom.

To the revolutionary men and women of Egypt…

Stand firm together, side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Stand steadfast like a strong fort – unassailable, unbreakable by the traitorous putschists. We should always remember that God grants victory to those who believe in their freedom, sacrifice for it and raise their voices to demand it.

Raise your voices in all parts of Egypt. Down, down with military rule. Shake the junta’s foundations, until the unjust know that the Egyptian people will never die, that in their veins still runs the blood of pride, dignity, honor and selfless devotion.

Freedom for the honorable men and women in the military junta’s detention centers

The Muslim Brotherhood


Cairo: Tuesday – June 2, 2015