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  • July 16, 2017
  • 5 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Closure of Muslims’ 3rd Holiest Site by Israeli Soldiers

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Closure of Muslims’ 3rd Holiest Site by Israeli Soldiers
Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site for Muslims has suffered decades of hardship under the occupation of the Zionist entity which plundered Palestinian territories, spilled the blood of Palestinians with impunity, aided and abetted by foreign powers in the East and the West, amid unprecedented Arab weakness.

The first generation of Palestinian – fathers and grandfathers who witnessed the beginning of the Zionist occupation – underlined the sanctity of our holy sites, the right of return to Palestine, the duty of resistance, and sacrificing all for the sake of God. Al-Aqsa Mosque remained a red line. Whenever the Zionist entity started any act of aggression against it – like reckless digging or vengeful raids, Muslims in Palestine and abroad rose up to defend and support it in any way they could.

Today, stone-throwing children are writing a new history with their own blood. They are certainly capable of penetrating all the Zionist security fortifications to reach Islam’s holy site: the Haram al-Sharif (Al-Aqsa), undeterred by the brutality of the murderous Zionist occupiers.

Certainly, they and all the Muslim nation will have the right to the land of Palestine, all Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital, and the youth of the nation will continue to defend their rights, until the Zionist occupation ends, Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as all Palestine are liberated, and Palestinians return to their homeland.

Al-Bayareq is the daily coach convoy that carries steadfast Palestinians, men and women, every day, from all parts of the country to Al-Aqsa Mosque, where they pray, keeping Muslims’ third holiest site and mosque open throughout the day packed full of faithful worshippers – with their hearts sincerely devoted to God, and their chests bare, steadfast in the face of oppression of the Zionists. Those worshippers defend the sanctity of this grand mosque, and prevent the Zionists from tampering with it, supported by Muslims all over the world.

The closure of this holy mosque Friday, preventing Muslims from holding the weekly Friday prayers there, and the prohibition of raising the call to prayer, and then banning prayers there until today – is an unprecedented crime, that has never happened in centuries. Evidently, this is a result of the state of Muslim countries at this critical moment in the history of the nation which exhort all Muslims, rulers and the peoples, to save Al-Aqsa from the clutches of the Zionist occupation, and to stand firm against all the plots of normalization and the handover of Palestinian territories to the Zionists in the so-called the deal of the century.

Perhaps this current Intifada will make the Zionist occupation and its agents realize that the Arab Muslim peoples still have hearts that beat with the love of Al-Aqsa and for Islam’s third holiest site, and will thwart the schemes of tearing apart the Muslim nation.

Let us all endeavor to awaken the Muslim peoples, and to tell them about the enemies’ plots against them, and inspire them to rise in defense of their holiest places. Peoples armed with knowledge, faith and a spirit of self-sacrifice can never be defeated.

Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – July 15, 2017