Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Criminal Campaign Against Rohingya Muslims

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Criminal Campaign Against Rohingya Muslims

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the unprecedented criminal campaign launched by the government of Burma against Rohingya Muslims, which is aimed at uprooting them from their country and their homes in Arakan (Rakhine State) through continuous massacres, systematic ethnic cleansing and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of them, in a flagrant violation of UN charters, and international and humanitarian conventions and norms, in full view of the United Nations and the world at large.

The Muslim Brotherhood appreciates the efforts exerted by Turkey, current head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to stop these massacres; urges for more efforts to stop the genocide of this Muslim people; and calls upon Muslim countries to contribute with Turkish endeavors in this regard.

The Brotherhood also calls upon the Muslim World to pressure the Burmese government to stop this horrific crime; and appeals to Muslim peoples and the free people everywhere to demonstrate in front of Myanmar embassies, in solidarity with their brothers in the faith.

We appeal to the Government of Bangladesh to continue to open its border – the only land outlet – to those fleeing the hell of brutal massacres.

Needless to say, rich Muslim countries and Islamic charities are called upon to provide urgent relief to the waves of migration flowing out of Burma.

The continued crime of eradicating the Muslim Rohingya people in the horrific manner, witnessed by all across the globe, will forever be a disgrace in the human face that will not be erased by time.

Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday – September 5, 2017