Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Death Sentence Against Bangladesh Leader Rahman Nizami

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Death Sentence Against Bangladesh Leader Rahman Nizami

The confirmation by Bangladesh’s Supreme Court of the death sentence against renowned scholar Motiur Rahman Nizami, the Jamaat-e-Islami (Islamic Group) leader and the former Minister of Agriculture and Industry, reveals that the targeting of the Islamic group and its leaders is primarily a political decision that has nothing to do with justice or legal due process. The group adopts a moderate mainstream ideological approach, and has nothing to do with any illegal acts, according to witness testimonies.

This is essentially a fabricated lawsuit used to apprehend the group’s leader, arrest tens of thousands of members and leaders, and execute yet more of the group’s leaders – including its secretary-general Sheikh Ali Ahsan Mohamed, and the head of the group’s political party Sheikh Abdul-Quader Molla, and a number of other martyrs. All the charges laid against those unjustly executed citizens were false. The whole lawsuit is fabricated, claiming that war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed during the war that led to the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan in 1971.

This affirms that the Bangladeshi regime acquiesces in its decisions, positions and orientations with regional and international agendas that aim to exterminate moderate Muslim or Islamist groups and blocs, for the benefit of Zionist-American project, which in turn aims to eliminate Muslim presence from the region, even the entire world.

The secession of Bangladesh from Pakistan, referred to by the current rulers in issuing these unfair sentences, occurred 45 years ago. If crimes were committed, as they claim, why were they silent all these 45 years during which the group leaders held official and ministerial positions in the government? This is simply and purely a war on Islam and moderate Islamic movements in the whole world.

The Muslim Brotherhood stands steadfast in support and solidarity with the leaders of the Islamic Group in Bangladesh and condemns this unjust verdict against its leader.

Attempts by oppressive governments and fascist repressive regimes to eradicate moderate Islamic movements around the world, Islam’s first line of defense, will inevitably fail, God willing.

We call on all the free men and women and groups in the world to rise in defense of the leaders of the Islamic Group in Bangladesh and to save all the guiltless sentenced to death and the detainees everywhere, targeted because of their aspiration for freedom and dignity of their people.

The shameful world-community silence about the crimes of the fascist regimes is a crime in itself. However, the will of the people will prevail in the end, God willing. The flags of freedom will flutter high across the globe.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Friday – May 6, 2016