Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Egypt Coup Regime Aggression on Libya

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Egypt Coup Regime Aggression on Libya

 While the coup gang in Egypt is unable to reach the real culprits who committed the recent Minya attack or previous serious incidents, this failing junta is reaching out to hit our brothers in Libya. The criminal commander persists in his policy which sows hostility, propagates hatred and establishes a major sedition crisis in the midst of the Arab world that promises to destroy the remaining values ​​of brotherhood and good neighborhood.

This aggression is an attempt to escape the real mission to identify the perpetrators. It is a deviation from the desired action to a proxy war that opens the gates of hell to the whole region, destroys its resources, wastes its wealth, and pushes its people onto a path of certain disaster, turning it into a torn and weak region, which is exactly what the Zionist enemy is plotting.

This aggression, which is trying to obtain an international cover, came in the same random scenario the coup gang invariably uses in response to every crime. It is an indiscriminate and collective punishment of the innocent. Instead, the criminal general’s aircraft should have pursued the perpetrators of the tragic incident inside Egyptian territory.

We have condemned – and will continue to denounce – the criminal incident against Christian Egyptians. We have exhorted the masses of the Egyptian people to punish the real perpetrators of the crime in Minya. However, we find the punishment is directed to the Libyan people in the city of Derna, which the whole world has witnessed fighting DAESH (or ISIS), driving it out of their city, while evidence confirms that Haftar, Sisi’s ally, is the one collaborating with DAESH.

These aggressive military adventures against friendly neighbor states tarnish the reputation of the Egyptian army and drag it into a lost war that will double Egypt’s debt crisis. This homeland is already exhausted by the coup junta, its corruption, oppression and injustice.

We call upon the Egyptian people, all patriots and honorable people, to take urgent action to stop this insane traitor, to oust him, and to relieve the country and the people of his evils.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

 Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Sunday – May 28, 2017