Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Manchester Terrorist Blast

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Manchester Terrorist Blast

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the criminal bombing that took place on Tuesday morning, May 23 in the city of Manchester – north of England, which killed and injured dozens.

We stress that whoever committed this heinous crime – whatever his religion or affiliation – is an enemy of humanity and, in fact, has no claim or connection to any religion.

Islam prohibits attacks on human life for any reason, and makes preservation of human lives one of the most important purposes of Islamic legislation.

The Muslim Brotherhood extends its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist incident and to the entire British people in this tragically difficult time.

We reiterate our rejection of the taking of innocent lives on any basis and for any reason, as a matter of principle, based on our moderate Islam, the religion of peace and justice.

Ibrahim Mounir

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

Tuesday – May 23, 2017