Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Gaza, Blames Arab Regimes

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Gaza, Blames Arab Regimes

Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chairman Mohamed Habib slammed the deadly attacks on Gaza that were launched by Israeli occupation on Saturday leaving dozens dead and wounded.

"The Israeli occupation forces are proving to the entire world their disrespect of all international treaties and accords, let alone the values of humanity and divine religions," Habib said in a statement.

"Where is Egypt"s role towards the massacres on Palestinian territories? Unfortunately Egypt and Arab regimes appear to be complicit in the Israeli occupation"s crimes against the Palestinian people by their shameful silence and failure to take action that would prevent these crimes," Habib added.

Hundreds of Palestinian citizens were brutally killed after terrorist attacks on civilian districts in the besieged Gaza Strip by Israeli occupation air force at noon time on Saturday.

Habib reiterated the Muslim Brotherhood"s and Egyptian"s support to legitimate resistance against Israeli occupation and their rejection to the stance of Arab regimes towards the Palestinian cause.

"These terrorist attacks as well as statements by Israeli officials yesterday increase our confidence that the Palestinian cause will only be advocated by the efforts of Arab people, not through official Arab stances in favor of the cause."

Habib further called on Arab and Islamic regimes to stand on the side of their peoples rather than seeking to please their western allies and only caring about consolidating their grip on power at the expense of Arab and Muslim interests.

Habib also called on Arab and Muslim nations to offer moral and material support to the besieged people in Gaza saying that Egyptians and the Muslim Brotherhood "have and will still use all legitimate means to help lift the siege on Gaza and end the suffering of the Palestinian people."