Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Tragic Minya Blast

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Tragic Minya Blast

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the horrific attack that took place on Friday (May 26) in Minya Province, in which scores of innocent Christians were killed.

The group reiterates, as it has repeatedly done over the years, that all Egyptian blood is sacrosanct, and that spilling blood is a crime and protecting and preserving it is the duty of every honorable Egyptian.

Criminal incidents in Egypt have grown recently – from Sinai to Upper Egypt and Cairo; and targeted Christians and Muslims alike, putting the whole country in grave danger.

We cannot help but wonder who is the beneficiary of igniting strife in Egypt, putting it in the midst of bloody incidents that drag it to the unknown? Who is targeting the security of the homeland and the citizen? And who is endeavoring to spread chaos and corruption, spilling sacred blood, taking innocent lives, and above all hitting the homeland in a heinous murderous manner?

In this latest tragic incident, clearly obvious questions to the whole world, before accusing anyone of committing such a tragic blast: How did the attackers know about this bus and its passengers? How was the exact date and place set for committing the heinous act? And how several warnings were issued before the incident by Western sources including the American Embassy in Cairo, which stressed the possibility of a terrorist incident in Egypt?

It is no longer wise to leave these questions unanswered or uninvestigated, especially after this criminal incident.

We hold the brutal coup regime fully responsible for this crime, and all similar crimes, and we affirm without any doubt that this crime is a tragic failure of this regime in the face of such crimes after it demoted all its resources to hounding, rounding up, torturing and persecuting all opponents of the illegitimate coup, all non-violent revolutionaries.

We appeal to our people, of all political, cultural, Muslim and Christian orientations: help your homeland; save your country from that criminal murderous gang that does not hesitate to kill the innocent or do anything to maintain its grip on usurped power.

Egypt is our beloved homeland… Protect it with all your might; and save it from this evil junta before it is too late.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman

Friday – May 26, 2017