Muslim Brotherhood Confirms Continuation of National Project in the Next Stage

Muslim Brotherhood Confirms Continuation of National Project in the Next Stage

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

The Muslim Brotherhood’s sense of their tremendous responsibility, and because it has always responded to the country’s concerns and challenges, confirms its progress in its integrated national project.
In light of the important developments taking place in Egypt and the region, the Brotherhood affirms its full awareness of the importance of solidarity with all the honorable factions of Egypt’s people in all its institutions and bodies at home and abroad.
In this context, the Brotherhood affirms the following:
1- The Muslim Brotherhood is an inclusive Islamic body has its own institutions, and the General Consultative Council is the only institution with the inherent right to determine its orientations and make its strategic decisions. Any future decision or directive must be approved by the consultative and executive institutions inside the country and abroad, foremost of which is the Group’s General Guide, Dr. Mohamed Badie’a, and the committee acting as the General Guide, without losing sight of the opinion of the leaders of the group inside detention centers before it is presented to the General Consultative Council for consideration.
2- The Muslim Brotherhood does not see itself as an alternative to the people or as a representative of the people, does not monopolize patriotism or national action, and believes that political competition is a constitutional right for every Egyptian citizen. It also believes that the right to political participation is an inherent right for all Egyptians, individuals, entities, bodies and parties, and no one may infringe upon it. Despite all circumstances, the Brotherhood is proceeding with its integrated national project, at the heart of which is its political reform program and political participation, in cooperation with all the nation’s honorable people.
3- The Muslim Brotherhood affirms its constant and strong commitment to the Egyptian State and its institutions, which are the property of the Egyptian people alone, including the National Military Institution, an important State institution composed of all members of Egyptian society and all its geography and spectrum. It also confirms its keenness to let this institution continue to perform its functions, which are regulated by the Constitution and the law; in protecting national security and national borders and preserving the unity and integrity of its territory; This requires a review of the extent of its economic and political presence in public life; which will amend the image of the Military institution among the Egyptian people.
4- The first peaceful revolution of 25th January is the revolution of all the Egyptian people. The struggle to achieve its goals and preserve its democratic gains is the duty of every freedom-loving patriot who is looking for the interest of his country.
5- Peaceful means is the Muslim Brotherhood’s choice for change and for national action, and this is a constant asset in their approach, and it conforms to the fixed principles that the Brotherhood draws from its understanding of Islam and its methodology, as affirmed by the Group’s General Guide, Dr. Mohamed Badie’a – may he be released from Prison- by saying, “Our peacefulness is stronger than bullets.”
6- The Brotherhood asserts that it is firm in its position on the events of 3rd July 2013; that it is a military coup against the entire Egyptian people, and caused the waste of the will of the people and their right to choose who governs them, and the ensuing failure to manage the country politically, economically, and socially, until Egypt became at the horrible status today.
7- The right of martyrs to a just punishment is a legitimate and legal right that is not subject to prescription, as is the inherent right of blood-bearers. No individual, party or group may override this right in any way. The group also considers that the care and honoring of the children of martyrs is a duty of the State and society.
8- It also highlights the necessity of releasing detainees of all affiliations and orientations in the various cases that have arisen as a result of the political events since the January 25th Revolution to this day, abolishing the unjust death sentences, as well as overturning any political sentences or charges issued against the Brotherhood, other parties, groups, or individuals, with the necessity of restoring the rights and consideration of all those who have been harmed by these rulings.
Accordingly; The Brotherhood’s future vision regarding the Egyptian political reality confirms that the first priority today is to unite the efforts of all national factions to topple the military coup first and then agree on the following phases:

Phase I. Interoperability:
Political and societal consensus among all national factions on crucial decisions away from partisanship and marginal differences is an affirmation of the national and societal unity of all the revolutionary movements and groups.
The most important feature of this key stage is the reorganization of state institutions in a manner that meets the country’s interests and opens the door for qualified Egyptians.

Phase II: Participatory phase:
At this stage, the institutions of the state and civil society are being rebuilt on real democratic foundations. One of the most important results will be the agreement on a constitutional declaration that expresses the hopes and aspirations of the Egyptian people in a democratic consensual atmosphere, with the expansion of participation to include all societal factions, the assuring of freedom of opinion and expression and the formation of parties, and the creation of strict mechanisms to ensure free and fair elections.

Phase III: Competitive phase:

The formation of power on the basis of partisan and political competition among all political parties, factions and entities, in accordance with the accepted constitutional democratic mechanisms.

God save Egypt and its people … and long lives Egypt as a free and independent state.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Rabiʻ I 29th, 1444
October 25th, 2022