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  • July 14, 2017
  • 5 minutes read

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Successful High School Students

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Successful High School Students
The Muslim Brotherhood offers warmest congratulations to Egypt’s successful high school students – and their families – who worked diligently, and sought Allah’s help, and hence have been rewarded with success and excellence.

Young men and women of Egypt… You are the true treasure of this great homeland. Your hard work, success and excellence reflects radiantly onto your homeland, and partly rewards your parents’ great endeavors for you.

Here is some sincere advice for you:

* Gains or achievements in this life require good work. God rewards everyone according to his or her efforts. The pain of work goes away, while the thrill of success stays on. Start this new stage of your life with more determined focus to gain even more scientific, cultural achievements and practical training.

Your families and your country today need you to rise up and realize the meaning of justice, dignity and human worth. You are the power that will hopefully take this homeland out of the darkness of ignorance, poverty and injustice to the light of science, development, human civilization and rejuvenation, revitalization that you read about in the history of great nations – how they started, how they rose up and persisted, with science, technology, work and justice.

* Choose your specialties based on what best suits your abilities and talents. The world needs distinguished professionals in all disciplines. Classifying people based on their professions is inherited ignorance that is totally absurd and unfounded.

* Exercise all your student rights and invest these few years of your life well. Do not allow anyone to suppress your freedom or limit or diminish your destiny. The limits of freedom are where we violate the freedom of others.

* Commit to high morals, and do not be led astray. Do more acts of goodness and virtue. All the sons and daughters of Egypt are brothers and sisters. Do not discriminate between them based on race, descent, color, affiliation or religion.

We congratulate all high school students in Egypt, especially the sons and daughters of the martyrs, detainees and the injured in Egypt – since the January 25 (2011) Revolution – who sacrificed all so you could live your lives in a decent dignified homeland. We tell them: your success, despite the tragic circumstances, is the most beautiful message you send to the martyrs and to the entire nation, with your steadfastness and progress. We urge you to tread the path of your most honorable fathers. They are a good example that you must be proud of before the whole world.

Eman Mahmoud

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesperson

Wednesday – July 12, 2017