Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Turkey, Commemorating Thwarting of 2016 Coup

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Turkey, Commemorating Thwarting of 2016 Coup

On the anniversary of defeating the coup attempt in Turkey in 2016, the Muslim Brotherhood offers its most sincere greetings and warmest congratulations to Turkey – the people, the President and the Government.

On this day, a year ago, the Turkish people, all parties and factions, rose up and confronted – with bare chests – the bloodiest military coup in Turkeys’ history, and defended with their bodies and souls their country and its democratic experience, which brought about development, prosperity, and great strength.

July 15, 2016 will be engraved in history, and will always be a significant landmark that reminds the world of how the Turkish people rallied around their leadership, and were able to defeat the treasonous putsch and oust the military junta within hours, despite the tremendous support the putschists received from all Turkey’s heinous foes who endeavor to put an end to its extraordinary experience of progress and great rejuvenation.

The Turkish people taught the traitorous putschists, their agents and supporters everywhere a profound lesson with their own massive uprising and their rapid response to the appeal made by their leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, having learnt all the lessons of previous coups that caused the Turkish people unbearable suffering and distress.

Evidently, the Turkish people had in mind the tragic consequences of a similar military coup in Egypt, which ushered in an unfortunate period of bloody chaos, crises and destruction. Indeed, when the military step away from their duties and true mission, to execute military coups, they only cause ruin, destruction and backwardness.

Events of recent years have revealed that dubious parties plot for the region a series of successive coups aimed at fragmenting its territories, dividing its peoples and eliminating any hope of development, freedom or independence. Turkey has succeeded – with its people and leadership – in defeating this bloody coup. It has thus thwarted all the heinous plots, and continues to unravel the web of treachery. It will triumph over all evil, God willing.

Arab and Muslim peoples regard Turkey, its unique experience, and its commitment to support the truth and justice everywhere, with respect and appreciation. In fact, it has become a role model throughout the world.

We extend our special greetings and warm congratulations to the great Turkey, its President Erdogan, its government, its political parties, its civil society, its popular and professional associations, and its magnificent mosques, which kindled the power of faith in the hearts of the Turkish people during the coup attempt by broadcasting the call to prayers through their towering minarets across the country.

Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – July 16, 2017