Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Egyptian People, Muslim World on Eid Al-Adha

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Egyptian People, Muslim World on Eid Al-Adha
The Muslim Brotherhood offers warm congratulations and sincere prayers to the Arab and Muslim nations on this (Arafa) holy day and Eid al-Adha (special Muslim feast), hoping that next year Jerusalem, Damascus, Cairo and Sanaa will have been liberated from the Zionists’ collaborators and the corrupt, who humiliated the nation and violated its sanctities.

To Muslims across the earth, in the east and the west… The greatest Eid will be the day your homelands are liberated and your Holy Quran rules. At this special time, remember your glorious past; remember your responsibilities, your duties, your hopes for the present, and your visions for the future. Rejuvenate and renew your hopes. Believe. Work, and then you will find ultimate victory.

To freedom-fighter Muslims… Do not forget that the price of victory is sacrifice and hard work. Be ready and willing to pay that price. Then, do not allow no weakness or grief to make you hesitate. You will win. God is with you. He will not allow your good endeavors to be laid to waste.

To the martyrs… Celebrate your Eid in paradise. To the heroic prisoners in the jails of the murderers and the corrupt… You and your families are the crowns of pride and dignity. By God, we will not weaken; we will never abandon you. We will remain steadfast on your path, rejecting the oppression and humiliation, believing in the justice of our cause.

To all free, fair-thinking people in the world, to all Muslims of the world… Our religion, completed on a holy day like this, truly deserves that we live and die for it.

To the free men and women of Egypt, the Levant, Jerusalem, Gaza, Benghazi, Tobruk, Ahwaz, Aden, Sanaa, Chechnya, Myanmar, the Philippines, Xinjiang… The sacrifice passed onto you by your father Abraham, peace be upon him, will inevitably reap triumph and redemption from your Lord, the Most High. Steadfast fighters and worshippers… you will have the upper hand. The Lord of the weak and vulnerable will not let you down.

To all faithful Muslims… an Eid day will soon come to find Al-Aqsa Mosque liberated and our nation united and victorious. "Faint not nor grieve, lose not heart, nor fall into despair: For you are the ultimate victors if you are true in Faith." (Quran 2:139).

Wishing you and Islam victory, success and freedom…

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Wednesday – September 23, 2015