• July 26, 2006
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Muslim Brotherhood Criticizes Middle East Conference In Rome

Muslim Brotherhood Criticizes Middle East Conference In Rome

The Muslim Brotherhood released a statement on Tuesday July 25, criticizing the Mideast conference held in Rome to discuss the Israeli aggression on Lebanon, considering it an attempt to suppress the Lebanese resistance in order to primarily ensure Israel’s security. The statement also criticized the “New Middle East” concept ,which was referred to by U.S. Secretary of State, and saw it as a vehicle for Israel to impose its will on the region. The followings are excerpts of the statement singed by Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“For more than two weeks, the Zionist enemy has unleashed its weapons of deep rooted hatred for Arabs and Muslims in Lebanon, destroying their houses, mosques, bridges, power stations; targeting the country’s infrastructure, killing 400 and injuring more than a thousand.

What is happening in Lebanon for two weeks has been occurring in Palestine for a long time and the “civilized” world has done nothing to avert these atrocities. Neither did the United Nations, which is concerned with the world peace, nor the U.S., the superpower which claims it is sponsoring democracy and fighting terrorism.

Now we can clearly see the truth that the UN is nothing but a submissive follower of the American imperialism and the Zionism worldwide. The American mask has fallen and revealed an unprecedented cruelty fortified by an arrogant force. 

It is pathetic to see the U.S. Secretary of State breaching us about the birth of a new Middle East while the bodies of the Lebanese victims are blown apart, and children screaming after losing their parents. It is the kind of new Middle East in which the upper hand is meant only to be for an oppressive enemy.

It is evident that the vicious wars in Lebanon and Palestine, and the despicable conspiracy against the brave resistance, are part of a bigger plot to eliminate the resistance in order to conquer the Islamic world. 

The Resistance that they are trying to subdue in Rome is the only glimpse of hope for the oppressed to restore their rights. History is on our side, and we are confident that the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine will prevail by God’s Will and His promise of victory for those who are sincerely searching for the truth, justice and freedom.

Let it be known that even if the entire Lebanese and Palestinian people were eliminated; there are more than one billion Muslims ready to continue the march till victory no matter how far the enemies can reach in their plotting”

Mohamed Mahdi Akef

Cairo, July 25, 2006

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