Muslim Brotherhood Demands Egyptian Regime Take Positive Measures for Gaza

Muslim Brotherhood Demands Egyptian Regime Take Positive Measures for Gaza

In a press release Thursday, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef called on the Egyptian regime to take positive measures against the ongoing Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Akef demanded the Egyptian regime to undertake its duty before God, Egyptians, Arabs and Muslims and before “freemen all over the world,”  saying it should be a good example for Arab and Muslim states, and that it should practice pressure on the international community to stop the aggression.

The Muslim Brotherhood chairman added, in a statement to the nation over the ongoing Zionist aggression on Gaza, that these measures should include withdrawing Egyptian ambassador to the Zionist state, dismissing the Zionist ambassador to Egypt and closing both embassies, opening Rafah Crossing border to allow access to all humanitarian aid and receive the injured, in addition to cutting off gas and oil supplies sent to the Zionist nation, following the example when Egypt demanded Arabs cut off oil supplies sent to countries supporting the Zionists in 1973, in addition to severing economic relations and stopping all forms and processes of normalization with the usurping entity, stressing that Egyptian people “should be given the chance to give vent to their feelings and to support their Palestinian brothers without any repression.”

The statement added that Arab regimes are required to support resistance by all possible means, withdraw the so-called peace initiative offered in 2002 and rejected by the Zionist entity, lift the blockade imposed on Gaza and the West Bank, revive Arab economic and political boycott of Israel, sever diplomatic relations between the Israeli occupation entity and countries forging relations with it, and stressing that a Palestinian reconciliation should be sought on fair bases.

“Our brothers in Gaza are our brothers in Arabism and Islam, and the prophet (peace be upon him) urges Muslims to stand beside their fellow Muslims in times of adversity,” Akef said, stressing that Palestine is a holy place for Muslims which necessitates that Muslim countries defend it and seek to liberate it from occupation.

Further, Akef added that resolving the Palestinian cause is essential for Egypt”s national security, as well as the entire region.

“If we ignore our duty towards the Palestinian cause, the Zionist occupation will expand and impose its hegemony over the entire region,” Akef said.