Muslim Brotherhood Demands International Investigation into National Leaders Assassinations

Muslim Brotherhood Demands International Investigation into National Leaders Assassinations

From the first moments the Muslim Brotherhood heard news of the arrest of Guidance Bureau member Dr Mohamed Kamal, along with Dr Yasser Shehata, the group formed a follow-up committee to investigate and document all available information. This proved with certainty that coup security forces arrested the two group leaders without any resistance, at the side of a road. Then, they were taken over to the residence of Dr Kamal, where coup forces assassinated them in cold blood.

The Muslim Brotherhood has sufficient legal evidence to support the facts it has established, and is determined to take up its right to a speedy trial of the brutal coup regime, which kills innocent Egyptians in cold blood, and kills unarmed and old people in violation of all rights, laws and international conventions.

After research and documentation of evidence and witness statements, the Muslim Brotherhood has proof of the following:

First: Coup security forces arrested Dr Kamal about five o’clock in the afternoon in Maadi district. He was in a car on the way, with Dr Shehata, to a nearby hospital to undergo urgent medical tests Dr Kamal needed for a heart problem.

Second: The group lost contact with Dr Kamal shortly thereafter, when a telephone conversation between Dr Shehata and an acquaintance was interrupted suddenly.

Third: Following investigation, research and documentation, we are certain that coup security forces took Dr Kamal and Dr Shehata to the former’s place of residence, after their arrest. They were seen by witnesses who affirmed they went into the building surrounded by security personnel.

Fourth: The sound of five shots fired in the private residence of Dr Kamal was heard about seven o’clock in the evening.

Fifth: An ambulance arrived outside the building at twelve midnight to take two bodies where the assassination incident took place.

The Muslim Brotherhood offers these facts to the whole world. We have clear and irrefutable evidence and eyewitnesses to those facts. We appeal to all international organizations, and to the free world; and we demand an international investigation into the extrajudicial killings by the military coup regime in Egypt of the symbols of national action and unarmed revolutionaries in cold blood and without trials.

We affirm that the criminal coup regime has committed dozens of such crimes of extrajudicial killings and assassinations of revolutionaries and opponents in cold blood.

The Muslim Brotherhood and all patriotic Egyptians have a legitimate and legal right to seek retribution from these murderers. Such retribution is a just response that we will not abandon – for the sake of the martyrs, the detainees and the wounded.

May God bless the martyrs Mohamed Kamal and Yasser Shehata with eternal peace in Paradise. We pledge to continue the march on the path of the martyrs in order to liberate the homeland.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Tuesday – October 4, 2016