Muslim Brotherhood denies Syria bombing claim

Muslim Brotherhood denies Syria bombing claim

NICOSIA — Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday denied an Internet claim of responsibility that it was behind suicide bombings in Damascus, saying the claim was posted on a fake website created by the regime.

Spokesman Zuhair Salem, speaking from London, said the claim was "completely fabricated under our name on the Internet," pinning responsibility on the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

It was "completely orchestrated by the regime, just as the attacks were," he added.

The remarks came in reaction to news that a website purporting to be that of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria claimed that four suicide bombers had carried out Friday’s attacks in which 44 people died and 166 were wounded.

The site, which was blocked shortly after the claim made headlines, had warned Syrians there would be further attacks against government offices and security services in the coming 10 days.

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood accuses the regime itself of staging the bombings which coincided with the first day of work of an Arab League team in Damascus to monitor events and pave the way for a larger group of observers.

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