Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Dubious Subway Bombings in Cairo June 25

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Dubious Subway Bombings in Cairo June 25
After the military coup regime in Egypt failed to stop the Egyptian people’s resilient revolt to reclaim their rights and restore democratic legitimacy, and as popular rage increased and spread in every city and town across Egypt, the murderous regime feared a final uprising on July 3, on the anniversary of the traitorous coup. Therefore, this illegitimate oppressive regime decided to create an atmosphere of fear and terror in the country using renowned security apparatus’ scare-tactics and intimidation in Egypt.

Hence, this illegitimate regime’s security agencies masterminded the June 25 bombings and blamed them – even before they started any investigations – on the Muslim Brotherhood, relying on their ruthless military-controlled media machine, with complete indifference to the lives of innocent citizens that could have been lost because of these deliberate bombings, and with total regional and international silence, which honorable men and women of the world find most absurd and unjustifiable.

We condemn all such acts of violence in the strongest terms, whoever the perpetrators may be. And once again, we would like to stress the following:

1 – The Muslim Brotherhood’s approach in resisting the coup and its forces and authorities will continue to be a peaceful movement and peaceful protests. The Brotherhood will not be dragged into violence and destruction, notwithstanding the systematic violence used by coup authorities since the beginning of the coup to the present day.

2 – The Egyptian people in their great Revolution, in which all the people of Egypt participate – against the treasonous coup – are determined to continue their revolutionary action, which has been going non-stop for nearly a year now with exclusively peaceful means, will remain committed to this non-violent approach until their will are respected and the brutal coup is defeated.

3 – Coup authorities, which always rush to accuse the Muslim Brotherhood for everything that happens, without any evidence, never started any real investigation into any of the previous bombing incidents, and never provided any proof to support their accusations or claims, something which gives more credence to the suggestion that these illegitimate authorities are in fact the masterminds and perpetrators behind these bombings, especially as these events always terrorize before every democratic process demanded by the people – to distract the world’s attention and keep it away from the massive popular movement against the coup and the size of the opposition in general.

4 – The Muslim Brotherhood always demanded coup authorities must conduct prompt and transparent investigations into these acts of violence and the perpetrators must be brought to trial without delay. In the face of these authorities’ dubious delayed reactions and failure to conduct such investigations, we appeal to all human rights organizations to pressure the coup regime to set up investigation committees to unravel the mysteries behind these suspicious incidents.

5 – The coup regime has issued many absurd decrees, decisions and judgments against this homeland’s most honorable individuals. Nevertheless, those individuals will not be discouraged or intimidated. They, along with the people of Egypt, will continue the peaceful defiance movement and the peaceful Revolution, which will certainly defeat this coup completely and restore the democratic process once again.

With God’s help, we will achieve the ultimate victory, soon. The people will rule once again, God willing.

God save Egypt and its people from all evil.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: June 25, 2014