Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Execution of 3 Students by Coup Security Forces

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Execution of 3 Students by Coup Security Forces

The brutal military regime continues to commit its bloody crimes against young people and students all over Egypt, without discrimination on age or gender, with murderous methods and policies, treacherous assassinations and arbitrary arrests are increasing day after day.

The Muslim Brotherhood holds the Egyptian Interior Ministry’s militias responsible for this (Thursday’s) crime – to be added to the fascist coup’s bloody record of horrid crimes – in which three students, the finest young people of Sharqeya Province, were executed in cold blood by coup security forces which stormed student housing in the Tenth of Ramadan City.

It seems as if the goal of this illegitimate regime is to exterminate the patriotic and revolutionary young generation either by arresting and detaining them or by executing them.

We affirm that our Revolution will continue until retribution is exacted from the murderous criminals, and the people’s usurped rights are restored. We extend our condolences to the families and colleagues of the three students: Nashaat Mahmoud Essam, Mohamed Atwa and Maher Abdullah.

We pray to God to bless them with peace and accept them in Paradise as martyrs.

To the revolutionary and patriotic people of Egypt…

Martyrs are the fuel of revolutions. As the fifth anniversary of the January 25, 2011 Revolution approaches, let us all unite together and rally behind the principles of freedom, dignity and sanctity of human life and move forward with our Revolution until fair and prompt retribution is achieved.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Thursday – January 7, 2016