Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Forced Displacement of Sinai Residents

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Forced Displacement of Sinai Residents

 The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the latest crimes committed by the coup regime against our people in the Sinai, including murder, kidnapping, torture, looting and forced displacement of the population of Rafah, as well as the desperate attempts by the junta’s media henchmen to deceive Egyptians regarding the evident war crimes ongoing in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

These tricks will not succeed in deceiving the Egyptian people who sacrificed their loved ones to restore this precious part of Egypt from the enemy. The perpetrators of these atrocious massacres will not escape retribution.

We warn the coup leaders against dragging the Egyptian army further into civilian matters, putting it in direct confrontation with the people, and tasking it with the forced eviction of our brothers and sisters in Rafah, and the arbitrary arrest of students, teachers and professors.

The military junta is plainly implementing the Zionist-American scheme in the Sinai, handing it freely to the Zionist enemy. The legitimate President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi knew of that scheme, and hence began a powerful drive for comprehensive development of the Sinai through a national plan to rejuvenate and protect it.

The coup regime is the official patron of terrorism. It is the real murderer of soldiers, notwithstanding the crocodile tears it shed, the mourning it announced, or the charade of wailing and grief it made.

We strongly support the legitimate rights of our people in the Sinai. We will not leave them alone in the face of junta terror and the putschists’ treacherous schemes.

Further, Egypt’s revolutionary people will persist in their revolt against the coup until they topple the junta regime and exact retribution from its leaders and collaborators for all the martyrs killed since January 25 (2013) until now.

The Muslim Brotherhood
Thursday – October 30, 2014