Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Wahat Ambush; Holds Coup Regime Responsible

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Wahat Ambush; Holds Coup Regime Responsible

 The latest clashes in Al-Wahat Al-Bahariya (Giza, 135km from Cairo) Friday, in which dozens of Egyptians were killed, cannot be understood except in the context of the blatant betrayal by the coup junta regime of State affairs, the failure of the coup in protecting the people, the clear deviation of military and security institutions from their role in protecting the homeland and the people.

It is no longer acceptable that the coup gang continues to claim that such incidents were part of a conflict with armed groups. This incident is much larger, as indicated by military leaders. What happened was a natural result of the army leaving its military mission and abandoning the protection of the country’s borders in favor of unwarranted involvement in political and economic life in Egypt, and the army’s frantic desire to control the country’s resources and to subject the people to military rule.

The coup junta regime persists in committing horrific crimes, such as random arrests, forced disappearances, systematic torture, and extrajudicial killing of innocent people after every such incident – without ever apprehending the real perpetrators or the masterminds. That is the true terrorism whose effects and dangers are bound to transcend Egypt’s borders.

This incident highlights that today Egypt faces a serious threat to its national security, stability and territorial integrity.

Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood calls on all patriots of the Egyptian people to close ranks and unite to remove this coup regime completely, restore the democratic path and reclaim freedom and dignity for all citizens, refocus the army on its noble mission and the police on protecting internal security of the homeland and the people.

Muslim Brotherhood

Saturday – October 21, 2017