Muslim Brotherhood Exhorts All Egyptians to Unite, Stand Against Oppression

Muslim Brotherhood Exhorts All Egyptians to Unite, Stand Against Oppression
In these difficult times, while the elected legitimate President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, is seen behind bars telling of the extent of the arbitrariness of the military coup authorities’ actions which endanger his life, we learn of the horrific atrocities suffered by abducted patriotic men and women, and the destruction and trampling of all livelihoods, life necessities for citizens of all perspectives and orientations across our homeland Egypt.

It is now the duty of every sincere patriot to seek to mobilize all the truly honorable citizens of Egypt to exert their utmost efforts, away from differences and disputes, and refrain from questioning each other’s intentions if visions differ, in order to achieve the common goal, with trust and tolerance.

Let us unite and keep the Egyptian Revolution’s light glowing, pure and bright, and honor the blood of martyrs who are still being assassinated by the coup junta, the last of whom were the eight innocent young men executed in cold blood days ago, and to honor also the sacrifices of the uniquely steadfast political prisoners, men and women, languishing in the junta’s dungeons.

Everyone must realize that victory from God Almighty is inevitable, and that this blood-thirsty coup junta is doomed to ultimate failure and defeat, however hard they or their supporters endeavor to survive.

Ibrahim Mounir

Muslim Brotherhood Vice Chairman

Wednesday – May 10, 2017