Muslim Brotherhood Hails Friday November 28 Protests; Seeks January 25 Revolution Goals

Muslim Brotherhood Hails Friday November 28 Protests; Seeks January 25 Revolution Goals

 In a new wave of the Egyptian Revolution, the people are preparing for huge rallies on Friday November 28, in defense of their unique national identity and in support of their peaceful Revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salutes this patriotic mobilization to preserve the nation’s unique identity, which the Egyptian people, including the Brotherhood, have long fought for. Indeed, the nation’s identity is the source of its rejuvenation and the basis of its liberation.

The Egyptian people will not tolerate the junta’s brutal trampling of their identity, the wanton war it wages on sanctities, and its destruction of mosques, burning of the Quran, killing of youths and lynching of Egyptian women and girls.

The high tension that has hit the heart of the military junta’s regime, its media establishments, and its paid preachers who legitimize the spilling of innocent blood and keep silent about the rape of Egyptian women, shows the fragility of the coup regime and promises a near end of repressive junta rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms the right of every segment and faction of the Egyptian people to express their opinion freely without incrimination or false accusations.

The Brotherhood warns the coup regime and its security and intelligence apparatus against committing any acts of violence, sabotage, destruction or killing of innocent people and then blaming their crimes on the Egyptian people’s peaceful Revolution.

History bears witness to the junta’s notorious treachery, and the whole world knows how they perpetrated these crimes repeatedly.

The Muslim Brotherhood vows to continue its commitment, with all patriotic Egyptians, to the Revolution, in defense of their true identity, until they wrest their full rights and achieve the objectives of the January 25 Revolution: honorable living, freedom, social justice and human dignity.

"They say: ‘When will that be?’ Say: ‘Sooner than you think’!" (Quran 17:51).

The Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – November 23, 2014