Muslim Brotherhood Hails People of Gaza Victory

Muslim Brotherhood Hails People of Gaza Victory

The cease-fire announced Tuesday, August 26, 2014 is a significant victory for the steadfastness of the people of Gaza and the resistance forces. It is also a testament to the people of Gaza’s defiance and determination which have broken the arrogance and vainglory of the ‘mightiest’ army of the region despite the horrid crimes and atrocities that army committed in Gaza, and for which it will be held to task before long, God willing.

The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the whole nation, especially the brave people of Palestine, on this great victory achieved by the grace of God and the blood of martyrs, the groans of the wounded, the prayers of the elderly and the widows, and the innocence of hundreds of children taken by the Zionist machine of brutality, destruction and aggression.

This victory is shining proof that the will of the people cannot be crushed by any force however violent and barbaric. This triumph will be a driving force for all oppressed peoples, assuring them that victory is certainly coming.

We pray God to grant the martyrs Paradise, the wounded and injured a speedy recovery, and the people of Gaza a great reward for the loss of their families, their homes and livelihoods.

The Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: August 26, 2014