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  • November 15, 2017
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Muslim Brotherhood Holds Junta Regime Responsible for President Morsi’s Health, Life

Muslim Brotherhood Holds Junta Regime Responsible for President Morsi’s Health, Life
On Monday, November 13, the World listened to President Mohamed Morsi, as he revealed to the Court and the World the blatant violations he is subjected to, inside the Court and in his detention cell, which threatens his life and deprives him of his basic rights in violation of all international laws and norms. It is a reprisal process from beginning to end.

The President complained of deliberate medical negligence threatening his life, and the actual isolation during the trial by placing him in a glass cage inside an iron cage so that he could not see anyone; a precedent that had never happened before in any of the trials, so as to morally kill the first elected civilian president. All his crime is that the Egyptian people elected him as its president.

The treacherous ‘coup’ in these futile trials violated the International
Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 11 of its articles, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in six of its articles. So far, none of the concerned international agencies has moved to defend, at least, their own principles and laws or to condemn the loss of all international guarantees and standards for fair political trials.

Moreover, the President is deprived of visitation by his family or his lawyers for nearly four years. While suffering from poor health care and malnutrition, he said that he fears his life is in danger and that he had been twice in diabetic coma and had not been rescued.

His trial contravenes the Egyptian judicial system that is governed by constitutional and legal rules regarding the trial of the President of the Republic.

While stressing the invalidity of this trial, the Muslim Brotherhood considers the reported violations against President Mohamed Morsi a notification to the World public opinion, the United Nations, international human rights and legal organizations, and all human rights actors so as to assume their respective roles and mandates, to stop these violations, and save his threatened life.

At the same time, the Muslim Brotherhood holds the military coup junta fully responsible for the safety of the President and all abducted detainees, calling on Allah (SWT) to preserve them and save them from all evil.

Greetings to the steadfast President and to all those steadfast heroes maintaining the truth and committing themselves to the redemption of Egypt and the restoration of its peoples’ rights in a free dignified life.

Muslim Brotherhood


Tuesday, Safar 25, 1439 AH

November 14, 2017