Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Jarablus Liberation First Step to Foiling Division Plots

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria: Jarablus Liberation First Step to Foiling Division Plots

 In an important and historic step, Syrian revolutionaries backed by Turkish tanks Wednesday seized the strategic town of Jarablus in northern Syria from the clutches of ISIS (Daesh), stopping militias and other evil tentacles from reaching out to sabotage this homeland or to chop up Syria and separate the north from the south as they have already almost separated Syria’s north east from the rest of the country.

We, Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood, welcome this liberation success and this Turkish support which has taken a new course with this step. We stress the following:

First: Jarablus, Manbej, Ein-Al-Arab, Hasaka, Raqqa, Deir Al-Zour, Syria’s coast, north and south as well as its capital Damascus are all Syrian lands and territories. They support one another in rejection of all heinous plots that aim to divide, separate or chop up this homeland under different names.

Second: We hope that this step will be a link in a strong chain of steps towards the liberation of all Syria towns and territories from the hands of usurpers and oppressors, from the Assad regime and the Russians occupiers, and from the mullahs’ regime and its sectarian militias as well as all those who have their own private agendas affiliated to the international conspiracy against Syria and the region as a whole.

Third: This liberation makes it possible to enforce a safe zone in ​​northern Syria subject to a no-fly zone, a project killed off by some international powers which endeavored to fight the Syrian revolution and block its path towards its legitimate objectives.
Syrian rebels will continue to hold onto their revolution, keen to fulfil the demands of their people, especially the overthrow of the Assad regime with all its symbols, officials, pillars and security apparatuses, and liberate their people from all occupying forces.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Wednesday – August 24, 2016