Muslim Brotherhood Launches National Blood Drive Campaign

In an attempt to reassure the public after the scandal of contaminated blood, which resulted in a nationwide shortage of blood donors, the Muslim Brotherhood is launching an aggressive campaign to encourage people to donate blood and provide hospitals and blood transfusion centers with badly needed blood to save patients’ lives.

Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), called on all Egyptians and the MB members in particular to donate blood in order to fill the current nationwide shortage of blood in hospitals to save thousands of patients, whose lives may be rescued by badly needed blood.
He confirmed in a press statement that blood donation is one of the most obligatory duties ordained by Islam especially when the country is facing a sharp delcine in blood supply.
Dr. Habib explained that donating blood is one of the best actions that help the one comes closer to Allah. Allah says:” and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people” (Al-Maeda, verse 32).
He called on all state-run and civil organizations to adopt such a call, and to urge employees to do perform this national and human duty, praying Allah to protect Egyptians from any harm.
In the same context, the MB parliamentary bloc kicked off a blood donation campaign in response to the public panic over the scandal of contaminated blood in which the National Democratic Party MP Hani Sorour was implicated .
MB MPs Saad Al Husseini, Ali Fath Al-Bab, Mahmoud Amer, Mahmoud Mogahed, Akram Al Shaer and Azab Mostafa lodged a memo to the People’s Assembly Speaker demanding him to quickly organize a blood donation campaign inside the People’s Assembly with a participation of the MPs to send a message to Egyptians to restore their trust in blood donation and to demonstrate the safety of this procedure.
The MB MPs also carried out campaigns in their respective constituencies to increase people’s awareness and urge them to donate blood, after many people refused to donate blood due to the case of the infected blood bags related to Hidelina Co., currently investigated in front of the attorney.
Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the MB bloc’s media spokesman, stressed on the same point, saying:”Egyptians have proved throughout history their enthusiasm to help others in need” adding that blood donation wis a humanitarian and religious duty. Hassan explained that the case of the infected blood shouldn’t affect the positivity of the Egyptian people and they should donate blood to rescue dozens of thousands of Egyptian fellow citizens who badly need blood transfusions.
He pointed out that blood donation measures are safely carried out, citing the Muslim Brotherhood MPs who will donate blood and will lead campaigns in their constituencies to increase awareness among people to encourage them to carry out this highly appreciated religious and humanitarian service.

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