Muslim Brotherhood Marks 100-Year Sykes-Picot, Vowing Victory Despite Wounds, Sacrifices

Muslim Brotherhood Marks 100-Year Sykes-Picot, Vowing Victory Despite Wounds, Sacrifices
A century has passed since the secret agreement signed on May 17, 1916 by the French diplomat François Georges-Picot with Britain’s representative Mark Sykes, with the assent of the Russian Empire, to partition and share Ottoman Empire areas, the last Islamic Caliphate, with the help of local allies who lusted after power, traitors who betrayed their Arab identity and Islam – their faith.

One hundred years have passed since France and Britain cut up and occupied our homeland, and set Arab against Arab, Muslim against Muslim. Even today, some Arab and Muslim rulers are still slaves to foreign influence, and cannot make their own decisions independent of the occupier.

Ten decades have passed since the partition of the Arab region and the Muslim World, which broke the Islamic Caliphate and stoked conflict among Muslims on sectarian, religious and ethnic grounds, conflict that still burns between states made up by the occupiers, and claims the lives of millions of Muslims.

Throughout that past century, Islamic revival movements have been working to restore the soul to the Islamic homelands meant to be forced completely away from its faith, history, morals and principles, according to a secular westernizing plot that still works its way among us, promoted by dubious groups of our fellow citizens whose interests coincide with the occupiers’, and sold their faith and their homeland.

The most serious catastrophe that befell our countries after the Sykes-Picot agreement was military rule in Muslim countries, and the trampling of the will of the peoples and democracy, with the result of oppressing peoples, spilling innocent blood, servitude to the enemies, halting all progress, and the backwardness  of states. What has been troubling Egypt for over 64 years is a true witness to that.

Despite the painful wounds and the great sacrifices that the Sykes Picot agreement cost us, we are certain that the Muslim nation will recover and will win, and that Muslims will be freed from all chains and servitude to usurpers, occupiers or brutal military juntas.

Dr. Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Tuesday – May 17, 2016