Muslim Brotherhood Marks 47th Anniversary of Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire with Firm Pledge

Muslim Brotherhood Marks 47th Anniversary of Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire with Firm Pledge
On the forty-seventh anniversary of its tragic torching on August 21, 1969, Al-Aqsa Mosque – Muslims’ first Qiblah and third holiest shrine – is still groaning under barbaric attacks and incursions by herds of Zionists.

Over 47 years, Al-Aqsa Mosque faced – and still faces – a fierce campaign of Judaization and excavations right under its foundations that threaten to collapse and destroy it, while Jerusalem Palestinians who try to defend it are subjected to murder, expulsion, exile and detention.

After forty-seven years, Al-Aqsa bears witness to the ingratitude of the nation, and how they forgot this holiest of shrines, leaving it alone to face Zionist aggressions and atrocities time after time, and how Al-Aqsa steadfastness and resilience repel those attacks fearlessly. It is as if Al-Aqsa says to the nation with all pride: "I am the Mosque… the House of God. He protects me".

Unfortunately, we are shocked – on this sad anniversary – at the arrival of a Zionist plane in Cairo, carrying a high-level delegation to discuss the so-called resumption of the negotiations process, from which Arabs have only reaped repeated humiliating losses.

Today, Arab and Muslim lands witness the crushing trampling of peoples’ rights and popular will, and the confiscation of freedoms. But all that shall not break Muslims’ will; nor will it quench their yearning to liberate Al-Aqsa.

The Muslim Brotherhood pledge steadfastness on the path of liberating Al-Aqsa and all Palestine, as long as we have a beating heart. We will not be deterred or intimated by all those seemingly crushing troubles and tribulations, no matter how long it takes.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Sunday – August 21, 2016