Muslim Brotherhood Marks Anniversary of Horrific Rabaa, Nahda Massacres by Coup Regime Forces

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Anniversary of Horrific Rabaa, Nahda Massacres by Coup Regime Forces

Today (August 14), we mark the fourth anniversary of the crime of the era: the two massacres of Rabaa and Nahda squares in Egypt, executed by forces of the military coup junta after they abducted the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi and grabbed power by force of arms. In these two massacres, junta forces killed thousands of innocent Egyptians in cold blood, in a horrific scene of chaos and destruction, without respect for laws or principles, and with no conscience or morals.

The 14th of August 2013 will forever be remembered as a defining day in the history of Egypt and the region, and a witness of a horrific crime committed by the blood-thirsty coup junta against the Egyptian people who rose up to defend their usurped rights in a spectacular and peaceful popular Revolution, but were viciously and violently set upon by the coup regime’s authorities, supporters and sponsors, including the police, the judiciary, the media and businessmen, who then sought to alter the facts and denied their crimes.

Today, we are at the start of the fifth year since this horrific crime that was preceded by rather lesser crimes and massacres in Port-Said, Mohamed Mahmoud Street, the Cabinet building, the first Nahda massacre, Maspero massacres (there were two of those), the Republican Guard, Ramses massacres (two, as well), the podium (Manasseh) bloodbath and others. We must stress a number of facts revealed by these crimes:

– It has been confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the military doctrine of Egypt’s generals is focused on clinging to power and desperately protecting the junta.

– The weapons of Egypt, rather than protect the people, became a tool to kill citizens and protect the interests of their enemies.

– The Egyptian people’s blood, money, honor and pride are now legitimate targets, free-for-all. There is nothing to protect or defend them.

– The rule of law in Egypt is at an end, as the coup regime uses elements of the judiciary to serve its own interests and to cover up its reprehensible crimes.

– The coup junta’s policies led to the violation of sanctities, morality and the law, as well as every virtue, until all goodness vanished, replaced by blatant vice.

– What happened in Rabaa and Nahda squares was an atrocious tragedy in which humanity died in the hearts of some Egyptians, and which showed who championed the interests of the homeland and who was the criminal.

We see in all the above powerful factors that will fuel the people’s Revolution once again. Rabaa will remain the icon of the real Revolution. Its motto will last forever, because it is a symbol of the uprising of the proud people of Egypt, and the crime of treacherous traitors.

The Muslim Brotherhood was not alone in Rabaa Square, but with all the Egyptian people. The blood of Rabaa martyrs and the sacrifices of its survivors, who were thrown in junta jails, will not be in vain. They will remain a curse on those who have no respect for human life, those who confiscated freedoms, divided the people, and dragged the country to the abyss.

We heartily pray for the souls of martyrs, and for the steadfast heroes behind bars, foremost of whom is the legitimate elected President Mohamed Morsi; and also for all the free revolutionaries in Egypt, and the mothers and families of all the martyrs. We solemnly pledge to remain on the path, committed to democratic legitimacy, never to abandon the spilled blood or give up the usurped rights. We will go on until the Revolution triumphs, retribution is delivered, the people’s rights are restored, the darkness is lifted, and the light of truth, justice and freedom shines once again all over Egypt, our beloved homeland.

Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday, August 13, 2017