Muslim Brotherhood Marks Day of Treacherous Military Coup

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Day of Treacherous Military Coup

 Three years have passed since the military junta’s bloody coup in Egypt, which crushed the nascent democratic experience that followed the January 2011 Revolution, and trampled popular will and all the elections in which the people of Egypt freely and fairly participated, hoping for a bright future.

On that day, the junta kidnapped the legitimate elected President Dr Mohamed Morsi and his aides, executed more than 7000 Egyptians, arrested and detained more than 100,000 innocent dissidents, and hounded hundreds of thousands of honest patriotic people in Egypt and abroad.

The junta has persistently dealt the people more than a fair share of oppression, deception and corruption, selling off Egyptian territories, plundering the country’s wealth and resources, and vengefully pillaging the country, while deliberately humiliating and impoverishing the people.

It has become only too evident for all that the treacherous military coup has turned people’s lives into a horrific hell, and destroyed the homeland’s future, with shameful regional and western support. The commanders of the ruinous coup sowed the seed of division and strife among the people of the one homeland, foolishly hoping that would bring stability to their coup. But that is certainly most absurd.

On this sad occasion, the Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its determination to continue the non-violent resistance to the coup until it defeats it. The group vows never to abandon the principles of the Revolution, but to commit to President Mohamed Morsi’s three No’s in its peaceful approach:

No recognition of the coup

No negotiations or compromise on martyrs’ blood

No turning back on the Revolution

The Muslim Brotherhood vows to continue on the path of the Revolution. The fascist coup will not dissuade or deter the group. Any talk of reconciliation with the brutal coup murderers who betrayed their people and their homeland are nothing but security ‘rumors’ and pure deception, promoted by the conspirators or deluded henchmen.

The Muslim Brotherhood solemnly salute the steadfastness and resilience of President Morsi, and also the steadfastness of the honorable patriotic men and women languishing in the military junta’s prisons for three years now, as well as the steadfastness of the men and women of the Revolution in streets and squares across Egypt all this time. The Brotherhood pledges to God Almighty, and to the steadfast detainees and revolutionaries, and the families of the martyrs, the wounded, the detainees and the hounded patriots, that it will never sacrifice the Revolution until all its objectives are achieved.

Soon, God willing, the oppressors’ treasonous coup shall be defeated, and the sun of freedom and dignity will shine on this beloved country. Then we will proudly carry the steadfast patriots and the revolutionaries high over our heads, and build a ‘clean’ homeland with no treason, treachery, hatred or division.

Muslim Brotherhood

Cairo: Sunday – July 3, 2016