Muslim Brotherhood Marks October 6, 2013 Massacre Anniversary

Muslim Brotherhood Marks October 6, 2013 Massacre Anniversary

On this, the sixth day of October, three years ago, Egypt’s military junta were determined to spill the blood of more innocent Egyptians, turning the anniversary of the October 6 (1973) victory over the Zionist enemy into sad memories for the Egyptian people.

On this day, in 2013, millions of Egyptians came out in all parts of Egypt protesting the earlier horrific massacres of innocent civilians in Rabaa Square, the Republican Guard Club, Nahda Square, Ramses – where the blood of Egyptian victims had not dried up yet. Heavily-armed junta forces shocked everyone with a new massacre, in which they fired live ammunition, Grinov machine guns, and heavy tank guns, killing at least 51 people and wounding 268 others – unarmed civilians, Egyptians demanding their rights to freedom and democracy.

On that sad day, the heads of some of those martyrs were blown to pieces after getting shot at close range, in horrific scenes never witnessed before in Egypt’s long history.

Even today, the military junta in Egypt continues to commit such heinous crimes, killing innocent and patriotic Egyptians based only on their political orientation in cold-blood and with complete and total impunity, and without a word of condemnation from any rights organization or any other relevant body in the world.

We assure everyone, especially the proud and patriotic people of Egypt, that spilt innocent blood will not go in vain, that fair and prompt retribution is coming, and that we will persist in our Revolution until we uproot the gang of injustice, oppression and tyranny, and until the flags of freedom flutter in across Egypt.

That is our choice. That is our will as Egyptians. We believe God will not let us down.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Thursday – October 6, 2016