Muslim Brotherhood Marks the 4th Anniversary of the Republican Guard Massacre

Muslim Brotherhood Marks the 4th Anniversary of the Republican Guard Massacre
With Egypt tragically transformed into a large prison, because of the policies of the coup regime, the security situation continues to deteriorate rapidly, endangering the homeland’s national security with great risks, with many people, military and civilian, falling dead and wounded, in a series of continuous bloody incidents of which the latest episodes were on Friday and Saturday in the Sinai, where attacks left dozens of casualties – dead and wounded – among the armed forces.

Thus, Egypt is plunged by policies of the dictatorial regime exacerbated by the security services’ attempts to cover up failures with extrajudicial killing of dozens of innocent young Egyptians, forcibly abducted on a regular basis. No one knows the truth, though, because of the heavy blanket of lies and media misinformation orchestrated by the coup regime.

On the anniversary of the Republican Guard massacre, executed by the military coup junta on July 8, 2013, after it grabbed power and abducted the legitimate elected President, Mohamed Morsi, and after a tragic number of innocent victims – military and civilian – fell in the Sinai, and all over the country, and with general Sisi coming out every time to declare that he is about to eliminate all terrorism while reality on the ground proves him to be the liar he is, and reveal his abject failure; we hold the coup regime fully responsible for the deteriorating situation in the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood affirms its total and complete innocence of all blood spilled, lives lost, terror and violence, and that it is not connected in any way to any groups that pursue or advocate armed violence.

All these tragic events reaffirm that the military coup junta treats the Egyptian people with utter ruthlessness, and that it is determined to recklessly continue to endanger the country’s security and unity. This mad murderous gang will only be stopped by honorable patriots who will lead the people of Egypt to oust the traitorous junta, end repressive military rule and restore the trampled rights of the people.

Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday – July 9, 2017